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Aurora MedXPD - Adventures in Expedition Medicine provides training courses approved by the Wilderness Medical Society in Expedition & Wilderness Medicine. We cover the skills required to respond in extremes of temperature and terrain by Expedition Medics operating in remote locations.

Choose your environmental extreme – Tropical, Desert/Outback, Mountain, Dive or Polar.  Our MedXPD adventures will allow you to explore, on a practical basis, what it means to be a health care professional working with teams in these extreme and often-inhospitable environments.

These adventure based training experiences are suitable for doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters and wilderness first aid responders. The course facilitates an upgrade of the skills required in a remote environment by using scenario-based learning within an adventure paradigm.  Our courses are approved by the Wilderness Medical Society and offer points to meet your Fellowship in Wilderness Medicine.  Our courses are also accredited to earn points from various medical bodies in order to meet your continuing professional development obligations.

Our MedXPD faculty is made up of senior emergency and remote area experts, which ensures that you get the most of your training experience while still having a life changing adventure.  Our Aurora Adventure leaders deliver these courses to ensure you have a safe and exciting experience whilst learning new skills from our wilderness medical team.

In addition, a proportion of your trek fee will go toward one of our Aurora supported charities.