Starlight ANZAC Kokoda 2019 Testimonial

‘I went with a group of colleagues to Kokoda with Aurora Adventures, fundraising for our charity partner and I must say that I cannot imagine doing the trek with any other tour company. The leaders made me feel valued and confident, and they go the extra mile with lots of extra little special things on the trek to make the experience even more memorable and enjoyable than it already is.

Kokoda is not something that you can ever fathom until you do it yourself. People explained it to me before I went – those who had done it before – but after doing it myself and seeing firsthand the terrain and the beauty of the place it’s something you have to see for yourself. Add in the war history and its even harder to piece together the past with the beauty you see in front of you today. The local team who helped us were all wonderful too and were a huge part of our trek group ‘s success and every single one of us making it through. 

ANZAC Day on Brigade Hill was hugely emotional, and a special experience. The Kokoda Track is an amazing place that I am glad to have experienced, and to have done so with such a wonderful company.’


Megan Chambers, Starlight ANZAC Kokoda Trekker 2019




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