Join our ‘Inter-Mission’!

We are excited to announce a new campaign to get Australians out in nature again to support local communities. We are looking for businesses and individuals to join our ‘Inter-Mission’.

Our ‘Inter-Missions’ are all about taking community-minded people to places throughout Australia, to experience the extreme beauty of this country and to make a difference while they are there by supporting local communities.

Extremes are a part of being Australian. There are extreme weather conditions, extreme landscapes and extreme adventures to be had.

We know a lot of Australians have been severely impacted by bushfires, drought and floods – even a global pandemic that has touched us all.

We have some exciting opportunities for businesses, families and individuals to experience the extreme beauty of all different parts of Australia while giving back to local communities.

As we return to normality and the travel restrictions continue to be lifted, our ‘ Inter-Missions’ are coming in 2 phases with something for everyone!

Phase 1: Our ‘Business Reboot Missions’ are ready to go in Queensland and are part of our launch today.

Phase 2: Our Australian Adventure Missions are coming soon!

Keep your eye on our social media and website for more details!

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