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MedXPD Adventures

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Outback/Desert Medicine

Our Outback and Desert MedXPD adventures have been developed to enhance and up skill medical professionals and senior wilderness medics in relation to their treatment and care of illness and injury occurring in desert and outback environments.

View our Outback Trek.


Dive Medicine

Our Dive MedXPD adventures provide real time scenario based training for medical professionals and senior wilderness medics to assist them caring for patients in Dive and Marine expedition environments.

Look out for our upcoming Dive Medicine adventure in Kavieng PNG 2012 – stay tuned!


Jungle Medicine

If you are a medical or wilderness professional venturing into Jungle and Tropical environments it is important to have the skill base to be able treat and care for any illness or injury within your team.  Our Jungle MedXPD adventures provide practical training to provide you with the skills to react in these remote and often hostile environments.

View our Jungle Trek


Polar Medicine

Ideal for those that either work or play in the snow, our Polar MedXPD adventures provide you with the skills to respond to medical emergencies, illness and injuries at cold extremes.

Look out for our upcoming Polar Medicine adventure in New Zealand 2012 – stay tuned!


Mountain Medicine

Our Altitude and Mountain MedXPD adventures are developed to enhance your skills in recognizing, preventing and treating patients in low oxygen, high altitude, and remote environments.  This practical course is designed to increase your altitude medicine knowledge and your response and reaction skills in this type of environment.

View our Mountain Kilimanjaro Trek