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Training & Preparation

Training and preparation for an Aurora Adventure is second to none. Our training team of senior Accredited Exercise Physiologists and proven training programs ensure our clients are always prepared for their experience. In addition, our altitude treks include referrals for altitude acclimatization training sessions with leading specialists to assist you in achieving your goal.

What to expect:

• You will receive your pre-adventure and training kit approximately 4 months prior to your adventure. This will include your pre-adventure administration kit setting out everything you need to know about your adventure, and your pre-adventure training kit, which will include details of your training program to ensure you’re ready for your adventure.

• Prior to training commencing, you will complete and return your medical questionnaire included in your kit and get a sign off from your GP that you are good to undertake the activity. This is to ensure your health and safety during training and the adventure, which at all times is our primary concern.

• Once training commences, our trainers will contact you fortnightly (if outside Brisbane) to allow us to monitor and check on your progress and to answer any training questions you might have. If you’re in Brisbane, you will see your trainers at your 3 weekly training sessions for review and questions.

• You will receive regular reminders from Aurora by email of what you need to do on the lead-up – be it visa applications, inoculations, buying some local currency or just learning a little of the language for use on the ground. We will handle all the adventure detail – you just need to follow the training program and the fundraising advice provided to achieve your adventure goal. For details about our training, administration and delivery team click here.


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